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Womens Waist Trainer Jacket


Zipper closure
Hand Wash Only
☺Heating up Upper Body Material—Sauna sweat suit is made of 15%polyester +70%Neoprene +15%nylon material that perfect for weight loss. The neoprene fabric would make you sweat more and burn extra belly fat. It’ll increases body heat while touch the skin which will increase body sweat and it also has super absorbent to keep you comfortable all day.
☺Increase Sweating & Reduce Your Weight—Weight loss Workout Jacket with long raglan sleeves allow for a wider range of motion, and with zipper is easy to put on. Nylon material would block heat out and increase sweat, enhancing sweating to lose water weight and accelerate stomach fat burning. Help you sweat up to 3 times accelerating.
☺Trendy &Simple Design—A stylish and comfortable biking jacket can be match with any pair of pants. When the zipper is pulled up, the zipper head down will form a zip lock. Big breasted girls won’t worry about that the zipper is easy to slip. There are reflective strips on both sides of the zipper to safely protect you from riding at night. Its comfortable stretchy fabric moves with your body while exercising.
☺Compression Garments—Neoprene sleeve top ‘s Effectiveness of your workout and fat burn, expedite calorie burning. Targets the belly fat. Leading to a more molded figure and visually trim weight. Perfect to show your figure and natural curve. If you wear it while exercising, you will reach your new fitness goals faster and easier!
☺Suitable for All Occasions—Sauna neoprene burn excess calorie, Perfect for Outdoor riding, Fitness, Running, Yoga, Walking, Weight Lifting, all major Sports, Recreational Activities and any Gym Exercise. Can even be worn under everyday clothes if you like.


Women Neoprene Body Shaper Sauna Jacket Suit Workout Long Training Fat Burner Top

1. Neoprene shapers with high quality lingerie will make you feel soft and comfortable to wear as sweat vest.

2. Weight loss clothing designed to maximize the fat-loss to help all of women and girls get a healthy life.

3. Works very well with numerous exercise based activities.Can be worn during cycling, running ,weight lifting.

4. Exercise workout shirt preserves body heat and helps you sweat up to 3 times accelerating fat burning in your whole body.

5. Reduce your waistline by burning your extra tummy fat,improve muscles when exercising.

6. Ideal for training, accelerates weight loss through compression and sweating process.

7. Advice: Drink a lot of water before using. You will feel drained/dehydrated from all the fat you burn.


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